Recipe for Wellness | w/Kevin Boehm, Co-Founder of Boka Restaurant Group and Private Wellness Club Bian

Kevin Boehm, co-founder of world-renowned Boka Restaurant Group and private wellness club Bian, reminds us to be a good detective about your own life and continuously check-in on what is working for you. 

As a wellness seeker, he shares his personal journey, tips & tricks (meditation apps  -> virtual therapy +)  talks dudes and wellness and the evolving intersection between the hospitality industry and staying well. 

He shares exciting insights into the upcoming launch of wellness club Bian, that will allow members to optimize their wellness all in one place! 

Boka Restaurants
Bian Website
Talk Space Therapy

Eat Clean. Train Hard. Love Life | w/ Fitness + Nutrition Expert Andrea Wise

Andrea Wise, a fitness and nutrition expert, is nothing short of a wellness power-house. Her personal credo: Eat clean. Train Hard. Love life., goes a long way in teaching people the value of improving their health and achieving their goals in a balanced and efficient manner. This episode is packed with actionable tips on keeping healthy while traveling, sleep hygiene, and our new favorite topic – Mobility! Andrea leaves us with an outline we can all follow: Move more, sit less, follow the 80/20 rule. We got this friends!


Off the Grid | w/Retreat Leader & Travel Designer Mary Tilson

Mary Tilson, international yoga teacher, retreat leader and travel designer takes us on quite the journey. Her approach = wellness honors the unique individual and our inextricable link to the natural world. She reminds us that travel, at its core, is about connecting with something bigger than yourself. Nature is the medicine we all need and Mary empowers us all to sign up for that retreat, take that trip, re-connect…just go!

Walking The Tiger by Peter Levine
Mary Tilson Yoga

In The Flow | w/Erin Doppelt, CEO and Founder at Spiritual Intelligence

International wellness consultant, business coach, and host of Wise Woman Podcast, Erin Doppelt reveals the wonders of Cycle Syncing. A female super power, women can optimize how they eat, drink, work, and live life based on the four phases of their cycles. Understand when to schedule those big client meetings and when to opt for the restorative yoga class. Life is better in the flow.


Erin Rachel Doppelt
Wise Woman Podcast

1% Better Everyday | w/ Evan Shy Founder & CEO of hiitide

Evan Shy, Founder & CEO of hiitide, an innovative community driven personal growth platform, brings the real deal this trending term – Mastery. In a world where fads, programs, diets, and apps are endless, Evan’s personal formula for meaningful change is: “What works for you, most days, every week, long into the future”. Obsessed with consistency, Evan inspires us all to be better versions of ourselves.

Episode Links:

New Year, Do You

Lauren and Steph wrap up the 2019 year, with full hearts. Grateful for the support and excitement around the birth of the Well/Behaved Podcast, the girls look ahead to 2020. They share their mantras, set their intentions and give you a sneak peek of what you can expect out of Well/Behaved in the coming year. Spoiler alert…BIG things! 

Frost Yourself | w/Dana Gordon, Jewelry Designer and Founder of Dana Rebecca Designs

Dana Gordon, founder of Dana Rebecca Designs and a third generation jeweler…sparkles in this episode as she shares the power of jewelry, the meaning it can carry and how she commits to making women feel special everyday. DRD is empowering a culture where women can gift themselves and Dana reminds us that in a world of ongoing wellness…jewelry always fits!

Dana Rebecca Designs

The DL on Injectables | w/Dermatologist, Dr. Rachel Pritzker

Dr. Rachel Pritzker, board-certified dermatologist, goes deep and penetrates the skin…on all things injectables. We start at the very beginning; answering the basics. What is botox? What is filler? Where do they go? How long do they last? Will they give me an angry duck-face? And don’t worry…we don’t stop there. Tune in to debunk the myths and hear our real-talk around a topic that many see as taboo.

Dr. Rachel Pritzker